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The Biggest Problem You’re Facing 

If you’re running your own business, or just starting out, you’ve no doubt faced this problem before. And it’s far from a secret.
Sales and entrepreneurship isn’t easy.

There are no tell-all manuals you can check out of the library, and school and college teach you how to work for someone else, not how to make your dreams a reality.

It’s an inconvenient fact – nobody is showing you what to do. And those that have found real success are keeping the secrets to themselves.

It’s this information that’s the difference between achieving your dream and stumbling around in the dark chasing it for months, years, and even decades.

On top of that, you’re competing with hundreds, if not thousands of other entrepreneurs who are all trying to get their slice, too.

And when that’s combined with not actually knowing what you should be doing, it’s only a matter of time before you lose confidence in your ability.

But what if I told you you’re not alone?

It’s true. Right now, in the USA, there are tens of thousands of millennials all facing the same problem.

However, there’s one key distinction that sets you apart from them –

They’re willing to spend money and years of their time on trial and error, and you’re willing to do something about it.

Even the fact that you’re reading this right now shows you’ve got the grit to take your first step to success.

I was exactly the same. I lacked the resources I needed, and spent years in business struggling with the same problem…

But when I realized I just needed to learn what others could teach me, it cut decades off my timeline to success.

I did it the hard way. There simply wasn’t a program online that could help a millennial entrepreneur like me achieve business success…

Until now.

Sales Excellence University is your ticket to stop doubting yourself and start to achieve real, credible growth.
The goal...
The Goal of Sales Excellence University  

My course is designed to help you in several core ways. When you enroll, you’ll learn how to:

Master Your Mind and take control of your goals
• Increase Your Sales Skills to capitalize on each and every opportunity
Become Clear on How to Dominate Your Market, so you can reach the next level of personal and professional success in your life.

Sales Excellence University will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. It’s about building your confidence and removing your fear of failure, so you can live a more fulfilled, inspired and happy life.

Unlike other business courses, this isn’t a watered-down version of what I teach, or a foot in the door to sell other services. When you enroll, you gain full, unlimited access to the same training and tools I’ve delivered to my elite corporate clients – the same tools that have made them millions.

You’ve taken your first step, and I want to show you what’s to come.
Right now, in this lesson, you’ll get actionable information you can use to immediately grow your business. No obligations, no tricks and no hidden costs. Just one entrepreneur to another, getting you started on the path to true success.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Access it now and you’ll see how I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from a modest income to their first million.

I Understand Your Fear and Pain 

In fact, I wasn’t even meant to be an entrepreneur. I was supposed to become a chemical engineer and play college football. But instead of doing what was expected of me – taking a scholarship and following a standard path in life, I took a chance.

And I surprised, and maybe even disappointed a lot of people.

But I took that chance. And in my senior year of high school, I started my first business – EasyPro.

I went to Walmart with $200, bought a mower and push trimer, and put down $100 on a 1989 Ford F-150. It was brown, rusted and busted up, but in business you find ways to make things work. And that’s what I did.

I’ll be honest with you – it wasn’t easy, and I was constantly afraid of failure and what my friends, family and peers thought of me.

But I instantly shifted my focus when I realized these two things:

I realized that the knowledge you consume and the effort you put towards achieving your goals are the only two things you can control, and therefore the only two things that control your ability to succeed. 
Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the fruits of my labors - bikes, boats, planes, all of which came from me making the decision to take my knowledge and drive into my own hands – the very same decision you’re making right here, right now. 
I’m not great at everything, but sales and entrepreneurship are two things I get. And now, I’ve made it my life’s purpose to share my knowledge and help others achieve the same growth.

With my proven expertise in sales psychology and business strategies, today I want to share with you how, through this amazing platform, we can not only transform your business, but change your life for the better.

I’ve trained hundreds of clients from fresh-faced entrepreneurs to selling machines and put millions into the pockets of many happy clients.
And today, it’s your turn!

CASESTUDY: The Results Speak For Themselves...
With Sales Excellence University, you can achieve real business growth. But don’t just take it from me. Hear what some of my previous students have to say about my course: 
sales training success in Louisville
“Coach Carroll’s training had a profound impact on me and my business. The investment in his coaching has paid back 100x in profits. He showed me how to be great with my clients while still up-selling gently to make more money and taught me how to always ask for the sale. I have more happy clients than ever before and I have increased my personal income by 60%! I don’t know where I would be without him!”

Mark Berry Small Business Owner

“Sales efficiency increased 258%, weekly personal records shattered, and I’m more organized than I have ever been, all in 3 short months. The systems and coaching that DJ helped me implement has down wonders for my sales! Simply put – IT WORKS!”

Chris Cole Cole Valley Cadillac

“Wanted to say a formal "thank you" for your coaching help over the last 6 months. The experience has been transformational. I now feel and believe in my value. I recently sold consulting work at TRIPLE my past billing rate. I am doing more of what I love to do. The sales steps are well-defined, have put me in better control, and I have let go of several noisy areas that were dragging me down. Your coaching has given me insights I will use for the rest of my life.

Carl Loop Small Business Owner

individual sales expert training Louisville
“I have received 6 sales awards in my company including becoming the youngest Chairman's Club Member since the company's inception in 1966. There isn't much more I need to say about the measurable success of DJ's coaching! I'd recommend hiring him, before your competitor does!

Jordan Yocum Sales Professional, Tom James

“DJ is able to analyze business systems and recommend changes to improve efficiency but his greatest skill is his ability to sell. DJ understands how to make things happen - you must have a plan, execute, and be accountable.”

D'anne Smith Owner, Select Insurance, LLC:

dealership sales expert motivation training
“May was the best month I have ever had in the car business. Thanks to the content you taught me, I sold 21 units in 22 working days. That is an all-time personal record! Implementing your time management tools and systems allowed me to stay focus and capitalize on every opportunity! Thank you DJ for helping me become more efficient and also boost my sales 25% in 6 short months!!!”

Joshua J. Cabaza Sales Professional, Cavender Toyota

small business sales training in Louisville
“In the short amount of time I’ve been a part of DJ’s sales coaching sessions, I’ve seen a significant increase in sales using his personality selling techniques. His proven process is an invaluable skill trait that generates results! Whether you’re new to sales or feel as an expert, anyone can benefit from his distinctive methods.”

Chad Johnson Small Business Owner

expert sales management coaching training
“DJ is an expert on creative, out of the norm marketing ideas. He is a high energy performer who can help your company move your sales needle!”

Mark H. Smith Agent, Mark Smith – State Farm Insurance

"With a few cups of ambition, a couple spoons full of passion, a half a pound of hustle, 
and a whole lot of execution - you will create momentum that no one can stop!"
-Coach Carroll
I truly believe my life purpose is to help entrepreneurs like you find the success you deserve. And this isn’t just about my course, it’s about you.

Climb out of your box built by walls of self-imposed fears
Overcome your self-doubt and reach your true potential
Achieve your dreams with concrete systems and disciplines you can implement to stay on track

This is About You, Taking Your Success into Your Own Hands

Sales Excellence University is unlike any other program on the internet. It’s about helping you to make the choice to trust yourself and place an investment into your future that will pay multiple dividends!

I can’t wait to welcome you to my online platform where I can work with you directly.

It will literally take years off your learning curve!

Learn successful sales tactics and time boosting tools that will show you how to close more deals in a shorter amount of time. 
On the next page, I’m going to give you one free lesson to move the line even further to your side.
If you watch it and don’t think Sales Excellence University is for you, don’t worry – we can still be friends.

But I’m willing to bet that won’t be the case. You’re not here for a free giveaway – you’re here to make a real, tangible difference to your business life, and I guarantee you’ll find the information we’ll cover invaluable to your success.

I know you’re ready to grow personally and professionally and accelerate your path to success. So, fill out the boxes below and access your free lesson now.

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P.S. if you’re skim-reading, here are the key facts:

• Sales Excellence University is a Proven Formula for Entrepreneurial Success.
• My Course has made My Clients Millions!
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Sales Excellence University is covered by a full 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month 30% growth guarantee!

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